Professional Upholstery Stain Removal Reviews Eagle Idaho

Professional upholstery stain removal services employ advanced techniques and specialized equipment to rejuvenate and extend the life of your furniture. This comprehensive approach ensures a deep clean, removing dirt, stains, and allergens, while also enhancing the overall appearance and comfort of your upholstery.

Steam Upholstery Pet Stain Removal Eagle Idaho

Steam upholstery pet stain removal harnesses the power of high-temperature steam to penetrate upholstery fibers, effectively breaking down and lifting dirt and stains. This method provides a thorough and eco-friendly cleaning solution, leaving your furniture refreshed and free from harmful allergens.

Upholstery Fabric-Specific Stain Removal Solutions Eagle Idaho Reviews

Upholstery stain removal requires tailored solutions based on the fabric type. Whether dealing with delicate silk, durable leather, or synthetic materials, using cleaning products specifically designed for the fabric ensures effective cleaning without compromising the integrity of your furniture.

Upholstery Stain Removal Eagle Idaho Reviews

Effective stain removal is a key aspect of upholstery stain removal. Professional services address various stains, including those from food, drinks, and pet accidents. Utilizing specialized stain removers, these services restore the appearance of your upholstery, leaving it clean, vibrant, and free from unsightly blemishes.

Regular Upholstery Stain Removal and Maintenance Eagle Idaho

Regular maintenance is essential for preserving the beauty and longevity of your upholstery. Implementing a routine upholstery stain removal schedule, including professional services, prevents the buildup of dirt and allergens, ensuring your furniture remains inviting and comfortable for years to come.

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Upholstery Cleaning Eagle Idaho Sofa, Loveseat, Chair and Commercial Furniture Cleaning

Residential and commercial upholstery cleaning you can count on - backed by solid 5-Star Reviews!  We're proud of the service and results we deliver. So much so that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Call us today for your furniture cleaning needs and be our next satisfied customer!


Upholstery - Sofas, Loveseats

You should have your furniture professionally cleaned on a regular basis to protect it’s value and appearance.  Your sofas, loveseats, recliners, and sectionals offer a cozy space to entertain and connect with our family and friends.  Depending on the household rules, they also make great places for cat or puppy naps.

It goes without saying that your furniture is subject to substantial wear and collects all kinds of body oils, dirt, and bacteria. These are ground into the fabric fibers every time we sit down or lay down for a nap. If regular cleaning isn’t conducted, stains and tough odors may quickly become permanent.


Furniture and Fabric Care

We use only industry standard upholstery tools, green-safe chemistry cleaning solutions, and the knowledge to safely clean your favorite seat in your home or office.  We can perform upholstery cleaning services in conjunction with any of our carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, or area rug cleaning services. Just ask!

Upholstery should be cleaned at least once a year, but the frequency depends on how much use your furniture gets and the fabric in which it is made.  We clean common fabrics such as polyester, cotton, rayon, and linen using a safe steam cleaning and hot-water extraction methods.  Contact us today.


Commercial Furniture Cleaning

You might get used to stains or odors because you see or smell them everyday, but your customers and clients will notice them quickly. Before those surfaces get too far gone – it’s time to call a pro like us to step in and take layers of dirt or grime away – to preserve the value of your commercial property.

Trust us to clean your restaurant chairs and booths, dentist – doctor – or chiropractic offices, meeting or conference rooms, hotel floors, movie theater seating, buses, and commercial office spaces – and we do it well.  Ask us about our scheduled floor and upholstery cleaning services.

Why choose Eagle Carpet Pros over the “Bargain” Upholstery Cleaner?

As the old adage goes, “Skilled labor isn’t cheap, and cheap labor isn’t skilled”. Many companies offer furniture cleaning that is incomplete, and hurried. Employees are asked to get in and out of spaces quickly, thus they skip steps in a proper upholstery and fabric cleaning process. They may use aggressive shampoos that leave residue and enzymes that can cause browning if not cured correctly.

Every piece of furniture is treated like our own.  It’s never our goal to simply perform a one-time cleaning for a customer.  It’s to develop a lifelong relationship and become a trusted resource for years to come!  We want to become the company you rave about to family and friends.

Contact us for a free estimate today!

Each piece of your furniture is fabric tested and treated with the utmost care.

We begin with removing dirt, skin cells, oils and dust from the fabric with a HEPA commercial grade vacuum.

The next step is a pre-spray and dwell period.  As the green safe product settles, it loosens the debris for extraction.

Next comes agitation.  We bring only soft pad and bristle agitation tools to avoid damage to weave patterns and fabric.

The service is complete with a light rinse and extraction.  Ask us how your furniture can be protected with our fabric and carpet sealant product to ward off future stains and prolong the life of your investment.

"Mica was professional, offered great advice, explained the process, and completely sanitized our furniture and rug. He was respectful and careful with our new home, protecting all access areas and stairways during his meticulous work."

- Chilly Taylor, 5-Star Google Review

"I used Eagle Carpet Pros to clean two upholstered chairs that my dog loves to lay on. The team showed up on time, was tidy in their work, did a fantastic job and charged what they had promised. I am very pleased and would recommend their work."

- Darrell Fugate, 5-Star Google Review

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: "We had the entire house cleaned (3 floors) as well as two couches and a wool area rug. Mica did a fabulous job, and was very easy to work with. Highly professional and we would definitely recommend him!"

- Will Doolittle, 5-Star Google Review

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