Local Carpet Cleaning Services Eagle Idaho

Professional carpet cleaning services utilize advanced equipment and eco-friendly solutions to remove stubborn stains and deeply embedded dirt. With a focus on preserving the integrity of your carpets, these services ensure a thorough cleaning, leaving your home with a fresh and revitalized ambiance.

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning Eagle Idaho

Steam carpet cleaning employs high-temperature steam to break down and eliminate dirt and allergens, providing a deep and effective cleaning solution. This method not only revitalizes your carpets but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment by reducing the presence of harmful microorganisms.

Upholstery Fabric-Specific Stain Removal Solutions Eagle ID Reviews

Upholstery stain removal requires tailored solutions based on the fabric type. Whether dealing with delicate silk, durable leather, or synthetic materials, using cleaning products specifically designed for the fabric ensures effective cleaning without compromising the integrity of your furniture.

Stain Removal for Upholstery Eagle Idaho Reviews

Effective stain removal is a key aspect of upholstery stain removal. Professional services address various stains, including those from food, drinks, and pet accidents. Utilizing specialized stain removers, these services restore the appearance of your upholstery, leaving it clean, vibrant, and free from unsightly blemishes.

Regular Upholstery Stain Removal and Maintenance Eagle ID

Regular maintenance is essential for preserving the beauty and longevity of your upholstery. Implementing a routine upholstery stain removal schedule, including professional services, prevents the buildup of dirt and allergens, ensuring your furniture remains inviting and comfortable for years to come.

Green Carpet Cleaning Eagle Idaho Idaho

Embracing environmentally friendly practices, green carpet cleaning emphasizes the use of non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents. This approach not only ensures a safe environment for your family and pets but also promotes sustainability, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize eco-conscious living.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Eagle Idaho

Tailored for businesses, commercial carpet cleaning services offer efficient solutions to maintain a clean and professional workspace. Whether dealing with high-traffic areas or specific stains, these services use specialized techniques to extend the lifespan of your carpets, enhancing the overall appearance of your commercial property.

Pet Stain Removal Eagle Idaho Pet Odor Removal

Pet stain and odor removal services target the challenges associated with furry companions. Utilizing specialized cleaning agents, these services effectively eliminate pet stains and odors, ensuring a fresh and clean living space. This is particularly beneficial for pet owners who want to maintain a hygienic home environment.

Professional Upholstery Stain Removal Reviews Eagle Idaho

Professional upholstery stain removal services employ advanced techniques and specialized equipment to rejuvenate and extend the life of your furniture. This comprehensive approach ensures a deep clean, removing dirt, stains, and allergens, while also enhancing the overall appearance and comfort of your upholstery.

Steam Upholstery Pet Stain Removal Eagle Idaho

Steam upholstery pet stain removal harnesses the power of high-temperature steam to penetrate upholstery fibers, effectively breaking down and lifting dirt and stains. This method provides a thorough and eco-friendly cleaning solution, leaving your furniture refreshed and free from harmful allergens.



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Trust our licensed, insured, and skilled team to make your home look it’s very best.  We have families, too!  That’s why we only use eco-friendly detergents and cleaning techniques that are safe for your entire family and pets. Contact us for your Free Quote today.

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Most cleaners rely on soaps and harsh chemicals that leave behind a sticky residue that attracts more dirt. We use safer products for powerful cleaning without toxic chemicals. Our unique process cleans thoroughly without leaving residue, allowing surfaces to stay cleaner longer. Rely on us for safe, residue-free cleaning for your home or business.


Commercial Floor Cleaning

If you own a business or commercial building, you know how important not only appearances are, but how important the hygiene of the space is. Your workers, perhaps your customers, are treading on the carpet and hard surfaces all day long. Because commercial carpet takes more use and abuse than traditional plush carpet in a household, it requires extra care.

In addition to commercial carpet services, we offer full commercial tile and vinyl floor cleaning services.  If your space has a mixture of both. We can handle it all. Stripping, sealing, waxing, polishing, no problem.

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We’ve served our country and now we’re here to serve our community!  If you live in Boise, Eagle, Meridian or Star, and haven’t found a carpet cleaning company you’re thrilled about – then rely on us to do the job done right the first time!

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you’re always pleased with our work.  Honesty, quality, and reliability are a huge part of our company and we know you’ll be comfortable working with us!  Just ask, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to help you make an informed hiring decision.

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Family Safe Cleaning

Our cleaning treatments are child and pet friendly. We know that’s important to you – just as it is to our staff and our own families.  Our deep cleaning process dries fast and gets rid of allergens, mites, dust, and other pollutants on surfaces used frequently by kids and pets – ensuring they have clean play areas and rooms.

Fabrics, sofas – loveseats, tile floors & grout – we can clean it all! Breathe easier with cleaner indoor air and enjoy the renewed look of your floors and furnishings. Contact us today for a free estimate on renewing the surfaces in your home or business.

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They were very professional and they custom cleaned for our needs. We adopted a pet and are having issues with him potty training and they gave us great tips on what to do after the service was completed. Definitely will use them again!!"

- Lady Liz, 5-Star Google Review

"Eagle Carpet Pros was a perfect choice for cleaning a pet-stained carpet.  Rescheduling was easy, they called before arriving, were thoughtful on the job and the cleaning was excellent. Their pricing was very fair - will definitely use them again!"

- Ken Latour, 5-Star Google Review

"Mica is the man! Eagle Carpet Pros came and did a clean for me on my rental. My dog used to pee on the carpet and it has been stained for some time. Mica was able to clean it so well you couldn’t tell there was ever pee on it. I highly recommend them!"

- Will Doolittle, 5-Star Google Review

"Also known as the Norwalk virus, Norovirus causes symptoms similar to food poisoning or even the stomach flu. It can survive in your carpet for four to six weeks, and it becomes airborne as people walk or roll across it."

- Facts about carpets and germs.